24im - What's New

What's New in v5.3

1. A new option to Auto Sign-out. see screenshot..>

2. A new option to take no action when a new chat message is received. see screenshot..>

3. A new option to display online users only on the user panel. see screenshot..>

4. New privilege settings to limit administrator account privileges. see screenshot..>

5. New i-mail maintenance method on the server side to automatically limit user i-mail messages. see screenshot..>

What's New in v5.2

1. File Manager allows a user to upload and download files from multiple department file folders.

2. 24im client supports multiple monitors and configurations.

3. Online panel connectivity and reconnection improvement.

4. Windows 8 compatibility.

5. A new Backup Server on the server side.

What's New in v5.1

1. 24im tray icon now flashes when a new chat message is received.

2. Added option to auto-enter select chat rooms upon sign-in. see screenshot..>

3. Users can customize 24im local data storage folder. see screenshot..>

What's New in v5.0

1. Automatic loading of chat room history when entering a chat room

2. New preference option for changing the amount of loaded history lines. see screenshot..>

What's New in v4.9

24im chat rooms now have support for uploading and downloading files. see screenshot..>

What's New in v4.8

1. Simplified log archive day settings. see screenshot..>

2. New options to restrict Windows Mobile client or Web client access. see screenshot..>

3. Livechat customization and localization on 24im Group Account. see screenshot..>

4. New options to open a new chat window in a preferred location. see screenshot..>

5. Private chat window automatically loads previous logs.

What's New in v4.7

1. Added a new (optional) search box in the contact panel for quickly locating contacts. see screenshot..>

2. Added a new (optional) alert that acts as a reminder for unanswered incoming messages. see screenshot..>

What's New in v4.6

1. Revamped contact list for Department, Workgroup and My Contacts View that provides easier access to the full list of online and offline users.see screenshot..>

2. Improvements to the ticker system that allows for automatically stopping or deleting messages on a given date.see screenshot..>

3. Added Daily User Traffic stats. see screenshot..>

4. Additional permissions controls to allow for enabling and disabling of Status Messages, Invites, Start settings, Alert settings, and Chat settings.

What's New in v4.5

New features in 4.5.0. IM client 4.5.0 requires IM Serevr 4.5 or better.

1. IMC, IMA and IMS are now compatible with Windows Server 2008.

2. IMC, IMA and IMS are now compatible with Windows 7.

3. IMA can control and lock IMC Start page settings. see screenshot..>

4. IMA can control and lock IMC view modes. see screenshot..>

5. New Invite privilege control. see screenshot..>

6. IMC drag-and-drop Invite. To invite a user to a chat, drag its name and drop it into the chat window. Hold the Ctrl key to use Urgent Invite mode.

7. IMC Invite Auto Response settings.see screenshot..>

8. Larger and adjustable size of the Broadcast window and popup display.

9. IMC Popup windows will not affect current input window.

10. IMC Left to Right ticker moving mode. see screenshot..>

11. IMA log window click-hold view mode. see screenshot..>

What's New in v4.4

1. Introducing IM client for Windows Mobile.

2. Users can send i-mail to multiple departments

3. Users can choose custom WAV sound files in all sound related alerts. see screenshot..>

What's New in v4.3

This release focuses on a new broadcasting method that displays a ticker style message bar at the bottom of all IM windows and the IM contact panel. It is perfect for your organization to broadcast attention grabbing messages from time to time.

1. Create ticker messages using the new Ticker Manager or the Broadcast dialog box. see screenshot..>

2. Ticker messages scroll on the bottom of IM windows and on the IM contact panel. see screenshot..>

3. Each chat room is equipped with its own room specific ticker. see screenshot..>

4. Control who can send tickers using IMA. see screenshot..>

What's New in v4.2

This is a maintenance release. It has improved various features released in previous versions.

1. IM Administrator can set a preferred timezone for history logs. see screenshot..>

2. New interface for assigning a user to multiple departments see screenshot..>

3. Added new Project Filter so users can decide what projects to display see screenshot..>

4. Project Start/Target dates will auto-adjust when task dates are changed.

5. Task comment length has increased from 240 characters to 10KB.

6. New I-mail Notice for Task reopening.

7. New I-mail notice for project completion.

There are many more improvements on the Web client, IMA, IMC and IMS.

On 24im Livechat:

Automatically detects and reports whether there is any livechat staff online. see screenshot..>

What's New in v4.1

1. IM Administrator can search all types of log files recorded by the server. see screenshot..>

2. IM client can search log files of private chat and chat room chat. see screenshot..>

What's New in v4.0

1. Added project management tools. Manage projects and tasks with schedules, priorities and assignees. see screenshot..>

2. Added the ability to assign a user to multiple departments.

What's New in v3.9.2

1. Added the ability to invite users, groups of users or entire departments into open chatrooms and temporary conference rooms. see screenshot..>

2. Added a re-designed invitation accept/decline dialog see screenshot..>

What's New in v3.9.1

Added the ability to block the receipt of chat messages from certain users and departments on the desktop client. see screenshot..>

What's New in v3.9

1. Supports peer-to-peer file transfer via chat and remote capture to speed up overall transfer speed.

2. New feature: Live Chat on 24im.com. More info at http://www.24im.com/features/livechat/