24im Messenger

Bring collaboration into your office.

With 24im Messenger you can supplement your mobile workforce with innovative file sharing, messaging, and mailing functions that will allow your team to reach new levels of connectivity. Using 24im Messenger, your organization can start text conferences, share files, images, and screenshots to enhance your office's data flow and productivity. 24im Messenger even allows users to chat with colleagues and share images of current activity using build-in screen capture engine. It even provides features to send asynchronous messages and deliver files to offline colleagues.

Get the legal compliance you need. By controlling your instant messaging, 24im Messenger lets you audit timestamped conversations and brings you other paper trail enterprise features.

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Send images and screenshots

24im Messenger makes it easy to share screenshots and images. Drag and drop image files into the conversation or capture your screen and send.

Share files with co-workers

Both synchronous and asynchronous methods are provided for file sharing. Push files to colleagues by sending them directly through chat messages. Pull files from the online directory by retrieving files in public, workgroup, and private collections.

Log all activities at the server

Server logging comes in a variety of detail levels, allowing 24im Messenger to fit into your organization's auditing policy. Admin can create rooms, introduce new users, and change naming policy through the server.

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More about 24im

  • 24im Messenger provides tight control over groups and projects with workgroup features that allow co-workers from specific groups to get together, create discussions, and share files within workgroups, never having to worry about files getting distributed to people with no relevance to the data.
  • Internal mail ( I-mail ) feature allows asynchronous communication, letting users send colleagues notes and messages without having to resort to public e-mail services.
  • Auditable design ensures that all messages and communications are optionally logged at the server, allowing for a wide variety of auditing policies for the organization.
  • Everyone is connected and available with the public directory, which allows users to communicate with co-workers without the hassle of setting up buddy lists bringing turnkey deployment.

24im Messenger is software that builds on the everyday working processes of employees and helps them in their collaboration, rather than software that dictates the productive process. It extends employees' abilities to share and discuss, serving to cultivate the productive atmosphere of your organization. Learn more..>