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Premium 24im Plans offer the most complete Enterprise IM and Collaboration Suite

Get encryption and advanced collaboration features with our premium services, designed for your enterprise.

Annual Only
Annual or Monthly
Annual or Monthly
Monthly Bandwidth 500MB/user 1GB/user 5GB/user
Storage 100MB/user 200MB/user 1GB/user
Logging and Search 30 days archive 1 year archive 3 year archive
Offline Messages (I-Mail) included included + Attachments included + Attachments
Chat and Invite included included included
Chat Rooms included included included
Broadcast included included included
Activity Feed included included included
Link Sharing included included included
File Sharing included included included
Client Side Screen Capture included included included
Data Backup included included included
Encryption included included included
I-Mail Forwarding to e-mail included
Multiple Admins included
Live Admin Chat Logs included
Remote Capture included
Project Manager included
Ticker Manager included
Livechat & External Guests included
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* Yearly plans with discount rates available. Please contact .
* Additional Storage Available. Please contact .
* Dedicated plan available with one company per physical server. Minimum of 100 users required.
* All plans include Windows, Windows Mobile, and Web client access.

How to Place Orders

  1. Register for a free a group account. Registration is free and you can use our free account to test drive our service.
  2. Create user accounts within the group.
  3. Once you decide to use our premium services, click the Premium Services button or subscribe here
  4. Enter desired number of user accounts and then choose the Monthly or Annual plan.
  5. Complete the transaction form and we'll provision your 24im server.

We’ll confirm your order and let you know when your group is ready to be served on the plan of your choice.

Renewal, Cancellation, Upgrade and Downgrade policy

You can upgrade your plan at any time by choosing a plan above. You can cancel and downgrade by sending a support ticket to

Visit our Terms of Service for a full explanation of our service and subscription policy.