What 24im can do for you

Scenarios of Usage

24im is about a lot more than communication through text via asynchronous messaging and instant messaging. It's about offering a lot more than self-managed discussions via 24im's chatroom and group discussion capabilities. In short, it is aiming to satisfy more than just your simple IM needs in an affordable package.

Besides communication, 24im aims to satisfy data distribution and data sharing needs for your organization. For illustration, we have provided some simple scenarios of how key features of 24im can be used to boost productivity and streamline cooperative efforts.

What are workgroups, and why are they useful?

Project collaboration should allow for maximal employee cooperation, but your enterprise should not be bogged down by the massive scale of any one operation. That's why 24im allows the administrator or users to set up workgroups, to identify themselves based on their association to other team members.

For example, suppose Brad, a key individual in the development of one ongoing project, is working from home. He realizes he is missing key files, images, or other data components critical to the success of his contribution. At this point, Brad's co-worker Lisa can send him the requested files asynchronously, so Brad, and any member of the team, can pick up the much needed files without relying on sending out numerous e-mails with huge attachments that might exceed employee quotas and put stress on exchange servers. These files can be picked up and downloaded separately, so there is even no need for simultaneous presence of all team members.

Once Lisa sees that the files have indeed been acquired by select individuals, she can then choose to remove them from the server at her discretion.

This method of distribution means that Lisa can quickly and easily send out files to relevant team members without confusing other members of your organization into downloading irrelevant content from 24im Server. This streamlines file sharing, and as a result, boosts productivity.

What's screen capture sharing, and why is it useful?

Suppose Brad is writing up a report for his project team and wishes to consult with Lisa on various presentation choices. By current standards, Brad would have to e-mail or send Lisa the entire report, which could be a hassle for Lisa involving downloading the file and storing it in some temporary location.

Instead, Brad can take screen captures of the entire screen, selected regions, or selected windows of any application - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, Web Browser, etc. - and instantly send them to Lisa to complement their instant messaging conversation. These files are automatically organized and stored in preset locations for Lisa to refer to later on, and are located so that cleaning them out is a snap. 24im is specifically designed to handle images of various formats, so no external program is even needed to view the many images that are shared throughout the conversation. Images can even be dragged right into a conversation to be sent.

This means that with the an appropriate license (saving and printing not available for the Basic version), 24im can double as your enterprise's basic screen capture utility at an affordable cost.

What is remote capture, and how is it different from image sharing?

Suppose Brad is looking for an effective way to share his screen with members of his team, but not to anyone else in the organization. This can be accomplished by explicitly sending out screen captures, however he doesn't want the hassle of explicitly sending out his screenshots periodically. In this situation, Brad can let 24im share his screen to selected individuals as chosen in his remote capture settings.

For example, Brad can send his remote capture permissions to give Lisa access to his screen. This means that Lisa can view Brad's screen or active window without any need for Brad explicitly sending them to her. This means that Brad can focus on his work, while Lisa overlooks his progress any where in the network.

Permission based capture can be used to allow administrators to monitor computers over the network, monitor employee activity, and facilitate application sharing.

Is 24im right for my organization?

Chances are, you will find 24im a very affordable solution for your enterprise. We are so sure of this that the Basic Edition is completely free. Contact us for pricing information at sales@24im.com

Typical logical topology of 24im's data flow in your network

You can perform the following tasks by using 24im when connecting to the server:

Instant Messaging

  • Public messaging
  • Workgroup messaging
  • Private messaging

Chat Rooms

  • Public chat rooms
  • Workgroup chat rooms
  • Private chat rooms

Internal Mail (i-mail)

  • Send i-mail to public
  • Send i-mail to workgroups
  • Send i-mail to co-workers

File Sharing

  • Public file sharing
  • Workgroup file sharing

File Transfer

  • Send files and screen shots in offline mode
  • Send files and screen shots via online chat

Permission Based Remote Capture

  • Capture a remote co-worker's screen
  • Capture a remote co-worker's window

Local Screen Capture

  • Full Screen Capture
  • Window Capture

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