24im Jobs

Software Developer

Do you dream in code? Do you think in large scales?

24im is looking for someone like you. You can help us build the world's best communication platform. We're looking for gurus of all kinds, including those experienced in either back-end and front-end technologies (or preferrably both). You should love both the science and the engineering aspects of this field, and you should be someone who is looking for a high risk, high reward environment in the Silicon Valley. You should love working with people, with ideas, with passion, and with care. Still interested? Here are the requirements:

  • BS or MS in Computer Science
  • Significant experience building large-scale systems
  • Creativity and passion for solving problems and building high-quality software
  • Strong skills in C++ (back-end) or PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript (front-end)
  • Startup mentality (self-starter, proactive, flexible, hard-working)

Location: San Jose, CA

Send resumes to jobs@24im.com